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To meet the growing needs of various contractors and state and federal agencies Vcrtck offers our self grouting tools which allow grouting of CPT holes while removing the rods. Vertek offers two types of grouting tools to fit your needs.

Non-cyclcablc - The Self-Grouting Module is installed in the rod string above the cone and grout is pumped right in during withdrawl. The sacrificial ring fits around the module and comes off when the rods arc retracted. The design of the module docs not allow for cycling and is not recommended for areas with very fine materials.

Cycleable - This Self-Grouting Module is comprised of a standard cone with blow-out plugs that allow grout to be dispensed during extraction. When the grout is pumped through the tube, the plugs are forced out and grout is released through two oudets.

Cost and Time Efficient - Vertek's Self-Grouting Modules save time and labor by allowing the operator to grout the hole without extracting the rods and then rilling the hole by hand. Instead, the operator can seal the hole as the rods are being retracted, and all this can be done from the operator control station.

Post-push Non-Cycleable Grouting Adapter (tremie method)
An additional method of grouting utilizes Vertek’s Post-push grouting system, which requires a second push but is a simpler method than when combined with the CPT push. Our tremie adapter is applied to the end of the rod string with a disposable oversize tip. Tremie method requires a second set of push rods and associated grout mixing tools.

Vertek’s Self-Grouting Modules run the grout tube through the center of the rods alongside the standard CPT cable through the innovative Grout Module Housing which allows the operator to run a probe, extract, and grout without work stoppage.

  • Max Tip Force : 25 Tor
  • Tip :
    • Area (cm2) : 15
    • Range (kn) : 222
    • Range (lb) : 50,000
    • Range (MPa) : 149
    • Overload Capacity : 150%
    • Accuracy : 0.5%
  • Sleeve :
    • Area (cm2) : 225
    • Range (kn) : 44
    • Range (lb) : 10,000
    • Range (MPa) : 2
    • Overload Capacity : 150%
    • Accuracy : 1%
  • Pore Pressure Transducer :
    • Standard Range (kPa) : 3,477
    • Standard Range (psi) : 500
    • Burst Pressure : 300%
    • Accuracy : 1%
  • Inclinometer (Dual Axis) :
    • Range (degrees) : 0-15
    • Resolution (degree) : 0.1
  • Seismic :
    • Tri-axial gcophonc (G) : ±2

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