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- Model HT 15 cm2 - Digital Electronic Digital Cone



The digital electronic 15cm2  cone is designed to address the accuracy, sensitivity and durability problems inherent in other cone designs of the same of lower capacity. The Cones consist of two strain gauge transducers, with the cone electronics packaged directly behind the transducers. The cone channels are temperature compensated to provide stable readings during testing. The cone tip, sleeve (local friction element), and pore pressure element (filter) are easily and quickly changed when necessary by the operator.

The cone is available with our standard channels (tip, local friction, pore pressure, inclinometer, seismic, and temperature) and can be used in conjunction with our Vision or Resistivity modules.

Pore Pressure can be measured in either U1 or U2 position (on the face of the tip or just behind the tip).

Cone Channels:

  • Tip
  • Local Friction
  • Pore Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Inclination
  • Seismic

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