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- Light Weight CPT Truck



Vertek Light CPT trucks are designed to be an economical platform for obtaining CPT data. Because of the Light Truck's small size, it does not require special permits, licenses, or increased insurance costs. In most states and counties it can be licensed as a pickup truck. The combination of small size and light weight makes it easy to access tight spots while providing economical operation and maintenance. The Light CPT truck is furnished with an anchoring system allowing up to 20 tons of push force via manual hydraulic controls. This platform is recommended as an open-air design.


The Light CPT truck standard chassis is the Ford F-Super Duty series with a 7.3 liter diesel engine. The vehicle can be provided by Vertek or the customer. Other chassis manufacturers may be used.

The Light CPT truck is furnished with a penetrometer and anchoring system capable of applying 20 tons down force and 26 tons pullout force. The Light CPT Truck uses hydraulic controls and has a gross vehicle weight of 8 tons. The size of this platform provides space for customer optional equipment.

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