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- Modular Soil Sampler



Vertek’s patented Soil Sampler is built for reliable, cost-effective retrieval of soil samples in difficult geologies and is designed to be deployed by most common CPT equipment.

Cycleable and Reliable
The patented tip release system is strong enough to withstand heavy push loads in stiff soils, yet reliably retracts at the desired depth. Our field replaceable wear surfaces are made from hardened alloy steel.

Simple Operation
The sample barrel with retractable tip is pushed to the desired depth, a lanyard lowered through the push rods then retracts the tip back into the catch housing. After tip release the lanyard is removed back to the surface and soil sampler is ready for sampling. The sampler and the rod string are then retracted, bringing the sample to the surface. Removing the tip releases the soil sample for ease of Examination and logging. Longer samples can be obtained by threading multiple sample barrels together. The sample sleeve can be clear plastic, stainless steel or split stainless steel depending on sampling requirements. The sampler can be rapidly disassembled for field decontamination.

  • Sample Diameter: 36mm (1.4”)
  • Sample Length: 533mm (21”)
  • Outer Diameter: 51mm (2” )
  • Overall Length: 853mm (33.6”)
  • Sample Tubes: clear plastic (standard), stainless steel, or split stainless steel

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