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- Speed Lock Rods



Unsurpassed Strength - Vertek manufactures a full line of CPT push rods with our proprietary Speed Lock dual-lead thread design. Speed Lock Rods provide unsurpassed joint strength- up to 50% stronger than industry standard Vthreads. Our unique rope thread design uses less of the available wall thickness and balances the strength between the male and female thread ends. In fact, aSpeed Lock coupled joint achieves nearly 90% of the strength of the heat treated rod stock!

Increase Speed, Reduce Operator Fatigue -
Additionally, our dual lead thread provides fast coupling- about 2.5 turns to couple or uncouple compared with 5-7 turns for competitors rods. Faster coupling reduces operator fatigue and improves work site productivity.

Competitive Pricing - Speed Lock Rods are machined from high quality, 4130 hardened steel purchased in mill-run quantities. This means competitive prices and off- the-shelf availability for most rod sizes.

Flexibility and Adaptability - Speed Lock Rods are available in 1.44' (36mm), 1.75' (44mm), 2.00'(51mm), 2.25' (57mm) and 2.5'diameters. Vertek also manufactures custom adapters to permit use of our advanced thread design with your current inventory of cones or probes.

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