Vertek a Division of ARA

- Model VTK 15cm2 - Digital Cone



Rugged and Reliable - Vertek’s Digital Cones provide simple, easyto-use CPT measurements in a compact system. Since analog-to-digital conversion is preformed downhole, the bulkiness of cabling and uphole electronics are reduced, and noise problems associated with cable length and low voltage signals of analog systems are eliminated. Vertek’s 10 conductor cable with LEMO type connectors ensures reliable data transmission with each penetration test.

Industry Leading Performance
By decoupling the tip and sleeve load cells and sensing each independently, Vertek digital cones provide higher load capacity and better accuracy than industry standards. Accurate temperature compensation assures reliable performance in all environments.

The 15cm2  VTK cone series allows for stacking modules behind the cone, such as FFD, Video, SMRT and Conesipper.

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