Vertical Debulbing Machine



With this debulber, the supply of stems is much easier, because the vertical debulbing system takes care of disentangling and separating stems. In this way stem breakage is avoided and the maximum stem length is better retained.

Unique benefits

  • Faster debulbing
  • Maximum stem length
  • No stem breakage
  • Improved integration with the Furora

Why vertical debulbing?

Bercomex has developed this technology to make the debulbing process more efficient, releasing employees from the need to continuously disentangle and align stems before they enter the debulbing machine. Above all, there was a clear market demand for an improved debulbing technique.

New technology

After the bulbs have had their roots removed, the bottom of the bulb is carefully sawn off. The bulbs are then crushed and bulb residues removed. The result is a clean stem with a maximum stem length, with the additional benefit that the stems are presented at the correct height for transfer to the Furora.

Faster debulbing

Nominal debulbing capacity is 25,000 stems per hour, which is significantly higher than existing debulbing machines. If the continuous supply flow from the picking conveyor is interrupted, the high speed of the debulber will nevertheless ensure correct filing of the separator. This increased speed cascades down into the whole processing system and ensures that the Furora can operate at a higher capacity.

Maximum stem length - no stem breakage

The vertical debulbing machine ensures optimal use of the stem length of bulb tulips. Placement of bulb tulips also becomes a simpler process because the vertical debulber takes care of disentangling and separating stems, avoiding stem breakages. The nose of the bulb is firmly held during the cutting process, which gives a better result and dramatically reduces the risk of breakage.

Improved integration with the Furora

The vertical transport ensures improved integration with the Furora grading and bunching system; stems are conveyed from the vertical debulber into the separator faster and at the right height, resulting in higher output.

  • Nominal debulbing capacity: 25.000 bulbs per hour*

  • L/H and R/H feed are possible

  • Adjustable alignment unit

  • Adjustable, easy changed, cutting unit

  • Adjustable root removal unit

  • Adjustable crushing wheel distance and spacing from bulb removal torpedo

  • * capacity is dependent on bulb size and speed of stem placement

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