Vertical Hammer Mill



Vertical (hammer) mill made by our company is the machine for milling of cereals determined. Material is milled by beaters in a high speed rotated as well as by friction between cover of sieve and   raw materials.The machine is determined for montage in technologic plants, where is made the fodder mixtures for animals.

There are such equipment as a silo for raw material and silo for milled material, also   conveyers and the machines for processing of loose materials, in these plants. The mill is possible to use also for milling of bones in rendering plants, for milling of wooden wastes in wooden industry and some lumpy raw materials in various industrial plants. The machine is designed for grinding the following materialscereals and grains, wood chips,sawdustwood waste, straw, remnants of brickswasteraw lumpy, dried blood, spices, rendering plant and crushing bonesmaterials in the food industry (gingerbread, coconut etc.)

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