Vesl Membrane Systems

Vesl Membrane Systems

- Flexible Tanks


Engineered Geomembrane of Elvaloy® Terpolymer and potable PVC formulation are specified as premium materials for flexible tanks, portable transport tanks holding potable drinking water and other liquids. Engineered collapsible tanks such as Pack-A-Tank® have successfully used XR-5 and XR-3 Geomembrane for large on-ground and transportable products, as well as potable high flexibility PVC membranes.

Pack-A-Tank® portable collapsible tanks are used in a range of applications including:

  • Off-road or Camping
  • Refugee & Humanitarian Operations
  • On-farm & Livestock Care
  • Fire Fighting Storage & Transport
  • Military or Peacekeeping Deployment
  • Parks & Nurseries for Watering or Fertilisers
  • Marine & Pleasurecraft Storage
  • Mining Camps
  • Rainwater Storage

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