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- Model 224-4x19-C-LWL - VG Replacement for X913VL



DeTech multipliers are manufactured from a lead glass suitably processed to yield an efficient secondary emitting layer on the inner surface. Each electron multiplier is tested before shipment to ensure its performance is within specification. Each multiplier is delivered with a quality control label indicating its model number, test voltage, gain at that voltage, bias current at the test voltage and the date of shipment.

  • Maximum Bake Temperature: 300°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 200°C
  • Mode of Operation: Pulse Counting
  • Typical Gain at 2150 Volts: 8x107
  • Typical Bias Current: >18 Micro Amps
  • Resistance: 40-120 Meg Ohms
  • Maximum Linear Output Current: 10% of Bias Current
  • Dark Noise: <05cps
  • Pulse Height Distribution: >80%
  • Pulse Width: >l8-20nSec
  • Rise Time: >3-5 nSec

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