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Product Dex-scription TROTOP multix-layer high-frequency sieve is featured by mandatory multichannel(2-5 channels), reduced flow speed of pulp on the sieve, long service life, compact structure and low noise. When compared with swirler , its classifying efficiency can reach above 80%. Because of high classifying efficiency and consequent few returned qualified products, the processing capacity(around 10%~20%) of mill can be improved via increasing feeding capacity of raw ore. The recovery rate(1%~3%)of metal can be improved by reducing the overgrinding of ore.

And for some rare metals, the recovery rate of which can be as high as 10%. Due to the reduced returned amount, the futile work of returning the material can be saved. Moreover, since the feeding end only needs to flow into ore-feeding end directly without pressuring ore supply, which will save 20% more power than swirler . ROTOP multix-layer high-frequency sieve is composed of multix-layer high-frequency undersize sieve and multi-pulp distributor, and the distributor may supply pulp to parallel units of multix-layer(2-5 channels) superimposed sieving simultaneously, furthermore, the undersize sieve is made of wear-resisting and anti-blocking polyurethane screen, which is conducive to the realization of effective segmentation. The wear-resisting and anti-blocking polyurethane screen(with the minimal screen cut of 0.075mm) developed independently by TROTOP is applied into the sieving machine, and the aperture ratio of screen is over 31%. The riveting and PU spraying surface protection technology are applied into the main machine of sieving machine, and the inner flow-passage section of pulp is made of highly wearable rubber lining, based on the requirement of customers, the antiflaming and wearable rubber can be put onto the inflammable sections, and the wearability is reliable and consistent. Moreover, the sieving machine is equipped with super-powerful double vibrator with a consistent and even amplitude. Product Feature Compared with the traditional undersize sieve, multix-layer high-frequency undersize sieve is featured by smaller floor space, larger treatment capacity, higher sieving efficiency, etc. Application TROTOP multix-layer high-frequency sieve is mainly applicable to the classification of ores and ground ore separation, dehydration of coal slime, desizing of petroleum, etc.

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