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Vigan Engineering S.A.

- Model 160 - 200 -300 - Up To 600 - Tower-Type Pneumatic Ship Unloaders



Bulk handling of any kind of cereals, seeds, nuts, animal feedstuff, some delicate cargoes (malt rice, cocoa beans), and certain chemicals (urea). «Tower» type VIGAN machines are particularly well suited for the unloading of coastal vessels and/or barges with a width (beam) lower than about 15 - 20 meters. A boom up to 17-18 meters is usually sufficient to reach most of the hold openings area and to ensure efficient unloading operations. Suction and gravity discharge into trucks or industrial plant conveyors. Capacities: up to 600 metric tons per hour.

Many Different Models:
Special design according to customer's requirements;

  • Rotating boom lengths up to 17-18 meters;
  • Horizontal and vertical telescopic suction pipes;
  • Full electric or autonomous diesel power unit.

VIGAN high pressure 3 to 4 stage centrifugal turbo-blowers Self-cleaning filter up to 165 m2
VIGAN cast iron heavy-duty airlock from 75 up to 400 liters per rotation with replaceable and adjustable blade cutting tips and sealing rings.

Simple and heavy-duty construction:

Special design according to customer's requirements;

  • High wear resistant alloys for airlock, elbow, pipes, flexibles,...
  • Fully hot-dipped galvanized boom with rotation of more than 180°.

Special Features:

  • Complete range of safety devices;
  • Remote control of all movements of the boom and its telescopic pipes;
  • Rotation of the boom : more than 180°.

  • One single operator also during all cleaning
  • Safe working conditions
  • Environment-friendly: no dust
  • Complete hold coverage
  • High average efficiency
  • Low energy consumption (0.6—0,8 KW/t)

Manufactures Bulk Materials handling Solutions mainly:

  • Mobile pneumatic conveyors or vacuvators or grain pumps
  • Pneumatic continuous barge unloaders and mechanical barge loaders
  • Mechanical and pneumatic continuous ship unloaders for vessels up to post-Panamax
  • Mechanical loaders for any size of ships

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