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- Model PA/5micron - Diffusion Media



viledon PA/5micron is a progressively structured diffusion media created by viledon to optimizelaminar air flow. Manufactured from thermally bonded synthetic fibers, viledon’s diffusion media is settingthe standard in paint booth filtration world wide. vildeon’s filtration superiority,known as the viledon difference

vildeon’s filtration superiority, known as the viledon difference, is highlighted by the following:

  • PA-5micron is designed for 99.9% efficiency on 5 micron particles and larger, and >99% on 3 micron particles.
  • PA-5micron qualifies for the highest (SO) class in the viledon migration test acknowledged throughout the market. For further information please contact your viledon representative.
  • PA-5micron offers superior final filtration of supply air to paint spray booths where controlled laminar flow is a requirement.
  • PA/5micron has a proprietary tackifier completely encapsulating all fibers eliminating particle migration due to mechanical vibrations associated with paint spray booths. The PA/5 micron achieves maximum protection against migration of paint damaging particles for today’s high-gloss finishes.
  • PA/5micron has a nominal thickness of 1 inch.
  • Various options are available for systems demanding roll stock, cut sheets, pads or self-supporting panels.
  • viledon’s development team is continually creating new products to serve emerging markets and meet changing specifications.
  • PA-5micron is resistant to solvent vapors and contains no silicones.
  • UL 900 Class 1
  • Temperature resistance: Continuous 212°F, peaks at 250°F.

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