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- Model S8-4 - Stationary Systems



Aqua Sun manufactures the Villager® S8 - 4  System. This system is a wall mount system and is completely automatic that can take an existing water line that is getting its water from raw water sources such as rivers, lakes and water tanks and produce approx 8 gallons / 29.60 liters per minute  x 60 minutes = 480 gallons / 1,776 liters per hour x 10 hours = 4,800 gallons / 1,776  liters in a 10 hour period.

This system will use a solar / battery powered 12 volt system to supply its primary power needs. Whenever the sun in shinning, the solar system will always be recharging the battery, even when the water treatment system is working.  This system comes as a turn-key package. It is designed for easy installation as all of the wiring is pre wired and all that needs to be done is hang the water treatment system on the wall in a convenient location. Plumping in and out of the water treatment system is easy with 10 foot inlet female hose and 10 foot outlet male hose pre-plumbed into system. The Controller Panel will need to be located with-in 3 ft of the Water Treatment System preferably in between the 2 systems. The Battery wire is prewired and will need to have the positive and negative wires connected to the battery. Mount the solar panel in a sunny location and within 25 feet of the system in a convenient sunny location. Attach the solar wires to the panel that are already prewired into the control box. Install filters and UV Lamp.  Plug the UV Control Box and the Power Out Circuit Valve into the Control Panel Wire and the system is ready for operation. It is simple and easy to install the Villager S8-4 Solar / Battery Powered Water Purification Systems.

This Villager S8-4 / Solar Battery / 12-volt Powered Water Purification Systems requires a minimum of 20 psi of water pressure to push the water through a Washable / Reusable Sediment Filter which removes large particles, sticks and leaves and then through Sediment Filter to remove sand and sediment. The water is then pushed through a Carbon Block Polishing Filter that has the capabilities of removing Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts, Entamoeba and Toxoplasma Cysts, Schistosomiasis, Herbicides, Pesticides, Trihalomethanes (THMs), certain Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), Chlorine and Chlorine By-Products, Sediment, Bad Taste, Odors, Color, Smell, and many other Harmful Chemicals and Contaminants down to a 0.5 micron. The polished filtered water is then channeled past an Ultraviolet Light Disinfecting Process that has the ability to kill Bacteria, Viruses, Typhoid Fever, Coliform, Dysentery, Cholera, Infectious Jaundice, Hepatitis and Influenza Virus, E-coli, Enteric Fever and many other unwanted microorganisms to a 99.999% purity.

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