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Disinfectant of new generation with a broad spectrum of action. Thanks to its neutral pH it is compatible with all washable surfaces. It is safe for the environment, animals and humans.Use on washable surfaces of equipment, floors, walls, tables, furniture and environments in industrial and agri-food areas.


See table. It performs bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal action, etc. Its particular formula also execute an effective and complete detersion action that removes dirt from surfaces.
Effective also against Legionella pneumophila.

The disinfectant activity of a formulation depends on many variables that fall within methodologies strictly indicated by harmonized European standards by which it is possible to evaluate the different conditions in which the product operates. Here below there are some of the tests to which the product has been subjected:


Peracetic Acid gr 19,5 from 
Tetraacetiletilendiammina gr 29
Sodium percarbonate equivalent to g.12 of hydrogen peroxide
Anionic non-ionic surfactants and coformulants e.t. g. 100


Use from 5 gr/lt to 25 gr/lt of water with contact times from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the result to be obtained. Dilute VIROSTER® in water at room temperature. Wait a few minutes, during which can be useful to shake it if the granules do not dissolve. The solutions can be used with normal cleaning tools, for spraying, dipping, recirculation, simple sponging.
For the preparation of solutions preferably employ containers of plastic material, stainless steel or glass.

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