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We being the leaders in the domain, we offer our clients with Electronic Altimeter / Barometer to fulfill their requirements. Our Electronic Altimeter / Barometer measures current altitude in feet or meters, the difference between current and reference altitude, and graphic altitude history for the past 12 hours. Barometer manufactured by us features displays which shows current barometric pressure in mb/hPa. A storm alarm alerts user when a storm condition is approaching. Specifications: Range: -1,640 to +22,965 (-500m to +7,000 m) Resolution: 3 from -1,640 to +3,280/6 from +3,284 to +22,965 (1 m from -500m to +1,000 m/2 m from +1,001 m to +7,000 m) Accuracy: ±3% Alarm range: -1,640 to 22,965 (-500m to 7,000 m)Barometer Range: 400 m bar/hPa to 1,070 m bar/h PA (11.8 in. Hg. to 31.57 in. Hg.) Resolution: 1 m bar/hPa (0.03 in. Hg.) Accuracy: ±8 m bar (±.236 in. Hg.) Temperature range: -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to 158°F) Temperature resoluti

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