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The Virtual HERMIT Aquifer Testing Kit allows groundwater professionals to conduct step-drawdown tests and constant pump rate tests across an entire well field. It significantly reduces time spent in the field, allowing you to connect multiple wells and program all of your data loggers at once.

  • Supports up to 15 wells per system
  • Simultaneously configures, starts, displays, steps, or stops all connected data loggers
  • Allows data downloads while tests are running
  • Uses research-grade Level TROLL 700 Data Loggers

  • Save hours in the field – Program multiple loggers at once and schedule automatic data collection.
  • Eliminate extra steps – Capture pump and recovery data on the same log without reprogramming.
  • Simplify data analysis – Export a single log file for all connected loggers.
  • Keep your equipment safe – After disconnecting expensive cables and laptops, instruments continue to log data locked safely inside wells.
  • Save money – Rent the entire system and we’ll ship it directly to your site.

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