VISADES Technologie & Entwicklung GmbH

- Model T60 - UV – Drinking Water Disinfection System


Model tested by government-authorized test center per Austrian Standards Institute M5873-1, Method B. Without additional transmission measurement. Build in accordance with Austrian Standard Institute M 5873-1 Method B, Austrian Food Standards, Chapter B1 Drinking Water, CE-conformity. ÖVGW-Certificate, SVGW-Certificate.

The specified flow capacity is based on a minimum irradiation dose of 400 J/m² at UV-transparency 80% Tr100, 254nm (per Austrian Food Standards, Edition III, Chapter B1 Drinking Water) after a minimum useful emitter life of 9000 operating hours in continuous operation.

  • Operating data storage
  • Colour touch screen
  • FlexFlow - Flow rate control

  • Stainless steel irradiation chamber, Material 1.4301
  • 1 glass tube made of high-quality quartz glass
  • 1 Powerful UVC low-pressure emitter 60W
  • 1 Selective UVC-Sensor, per Austrian Standards Institute M5873-1, to monitor irradiation strength
  • 1 Electronic ballast 60W with soft-start function for a long lamp life and low energy consumption
  • 1 Microprocessor controller, installed in a splash proof powder-coated steel housing
  • Remote on switch. Shut-off valve, pump control, flush valve, external fault messages, optional integration with all common process control systems, optional text message transmission for faults or irradiation monitoring
  • Connections für sampling faucets
  • User interface 4.3” colour touch screen
  • Resolution 480x272, 65000 Colours

  • Operating hours counter on the UV emitter
  • Switch-on impulse counter on the UV emitter
  • Operating status of the system
  • Pre-warning alarm (P1)
  • Limit alarm (P2)
  • Display of irradiation intensity in W/m²
  • Fully adjustable flushing
  • Emitter status display
  • UV-value analog output 0-10V, 4-20 mA
  • Temperature monitoring for UV chamber and Control
  • Programmable data storage on USB stick
  • Processing of dayly water consumption

  • GSM module for SMS communication and alerts
  • Instabus – EIB connection
  • ModBus Interface
  • FlexFlow: regulating flow meter over a control valve
  • Control Terminal
  • Remote maintenance


UV disinfection systems are generally used wherever excessive viral or bacteriological loads are present or can be present in water.

Consider that the quality of your water is influenced by many factors, such as flooding, agriculture…

It is therefore not always possible to be certain that (drinking) water quality is consistent.

Main applications for UV water disinfection:

  • Municipal water distribution
  • Private water sources (wells)
  • Rainwater usage
  • Emergency drinking water and water for animals
  • High purity water for processes – food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Air conditioning and cooling water treatment
  • Snowmaking – snow cannons
  • Swimming pool supply
  • Wastewater disinfection
  • Preventive disinfection for piping networks

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