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We propose multiplexers (selection of multichannel samples) adapted to your installation and controlled by our software VISTACHROM. VISTACHROM can: 'cycle' methods to analyze different ranges on each stream. transfer data via MODBUS, specific for each stream.

Multiplexer for 6 sampling points in 19' rackpiloted by VISTACHROM.

The multiplexer is mounted inside a 19' raek 4U

Up to 6 different points are analysed by the same analyser that pilots the multiplexer via VISTACHROM.

This sequencer is made with stainless steel and will be linked to the different analytical lines. It allows to analyse on sequence or to choose any of the different sampling points on sequence.

The different lines that are not in analyse will be purged to diminish the sampling time for the next analysis and to avoid any compound to be adsorbed in the line.

In the front panel of the 19' rack, you will find one LED for each sampling line showing the actual analysed line.

Each method corresponds to one sampling stream. VISTACHROM can 'cycle' methods to analyze different ranges on each stream; for instance analysis before and after filters.

For 6 streams, the total sequence is 90 minutes (1 cycle is 15 minutes). Be careful, if the calibration system is not internal it must be counted among the 6 streams of the multiplexer (5 streams + 1 for calibration).

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