Hyosung Goodsprings,Inc.

Hyosung Goodsprings,Inc.

VMF Pumps for Water


Industrial purpose. Power plant CWP. Sea-water desalination. Water-intake & water-supply. Pumping-in/out for agriculture.


  • Dry bearings that do not require external flushing can be also used
  • Smaller installation space than needed for a horizontal axial pump
  • No need for priming, as an impeller is underwater and has high suction
  • A full range of options, to meet any customer requirements


  • Capacities : 500 To 100,000 ㎥/hr
  • Heads : 2.2 To 11 m
  • Design pressures :
  • Impeller type : Closed
  • Temperature range : ~ 60℃

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