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VMpress Technologies GmbH

- Waste Pressurizing Machine


The VMpress is a waste pressurizing machine designed to physically separate waste into two fundamental fractions, an organic wet fraction with hardly any non-organics and a solid dry fraction with almost total absence of organic substances. The separation process consists of a chamber with a very strong mesh, in which waste is compressed using as high a pressure as 1000Bar. This results in changing the structure of the organic material into a fluid plasma, allowing it to be pressed through the mesh. This wet organic fraction can be treated in anaerobic digestion plants to generate biogas. The dry non-organic fraction contains mainly refuge derived fuel, but also some minerals and metals. After the dry fraction has undergone an additional separation process by sorting out these materials, only refuge derived fuel and recyclables remain. The VMpress is available in four designs and can process from 3 up to 35 tons of waste per hour.

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