- Wheel Ripper



Designed for the fast separation of wheels and tyres from both steel and alloy rims. Manufactured in the UK the build quality is more robust than any other tool on the market. From its heavy duty rams with 60mm rods to the double thickness materials used through out the construction every part of this machine has been designed to provide a long life with minimal maintenance. With a cycle time of just 15 seconds the wheel ripper can process over 200 wheels per hour, as long as the operator can keep up.

The wheel ripper comes as standard with a 4kw 3 phase powerpack, however we could fit an engine driven power source if required, as well as the option for trailer mounting. The Vortex wheel ripper separates wheel rims from tyres in a 15 second cycle. The gripper bar closes onto the tyre and traps it against the locating grip rail. The second ram then forces the rim out of the tyre. The hydraulics are powered by either a 4kw or 7.5kw electric motor, but this could be just as easily fitted which an engine driven version. The maximum rim size is 20” or 508mm large enough for a small commercial vehicle wheel.

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