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- Model CW-01 6.5 - Disposable Drum Coliwasa



The Voss SingleSample Coliwasa is constructed entirely of inert HDPE to resist almost all chemicals and solvents. The positive displacement, rod controlled valve (shown outside of the device above) features a set of four clamping fingers to assist in holding the valve shut until you are ready to transfer your sample to a container for transport.

The Single Sample disposable Coliwasa provides safe and cost effective sample retrieval for drum sampling. A special tapered fitment serves as a check valve to close off the sampler and allow easy transfer to sample bottles with minimum loss.

  • Product Code: CW-01 7'
  • Description: 1.5' X 78' Coliwasa
  • Units/Case: 12

The Single Sample disposable Coliwasa features:

  • Inert polyethylene.
  • Individual decontamination with Liquinox and DI water.
  • 1100 ml. capacity.
  • 42' overall length.
  • .031' wall.
  • 1.5' I,D.
  • 12 units per case

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