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- Model 1 - Multifan System



The Multifan System 1 includes fan, plastic hood, shutter and wireguard and are designed for easy flush-mount installation. System-1 fans include TEAO (Totally Enclosed, Air Over) electric motors. These motors are wash down capable, meet the UL 507 standard for agricultural use and will perform in the most difficult conditions. The hood is made from durable plastic, which is UV protected. System-1 fans are delivered unassembled and have a 3 year warranty on the motor.

  • Available diameters range from 10' to 24'
  • Include TEAO (Totally Enclosed, Air Over) electric motors
  • Various frequencies (50 Hz, 60 Hz)
  • Air volumes at 0 Pa for 50 Hz fans range from 1.415 CFM to 7.075 CFM
  • Air volumes at 0 Pa for 60 Hz fans range from 870 CFM to 6.500 CFM

The Multifan System 1 is a complete ventilation unit consisting of a Multifan fan, wire guard, shutter and plastic casing. The System 1 is characterizes itself through an easy installation. With the simple click system, the fan, shutter, wire guard and casing can be installed easily. Weather influences (wind, rain) are reduced to a minimum. Especially at the minimum ventilation, the system guarantees an accurate ventilation level. Together with the Multifan fan the system 1 enables a long life time with minimal maintenance.

  • “Flush-mount” installation
  • Protects against weather influences
  • Compact system: fan, wire guard shutter and casing
  • No obstacles inside the building
  • Special bearings with special grease
  • The windings are provided with 3 insulation layers
  • All parts can be recycled
  • Water resistant (IP55)

  • Low power consumption
  • Long durability
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Easy cleaning
  • Suitable for different applications
  • Safe in use
  • Low noise level
  • 3 year warranty on the fan

Energy efficient by design The Total Ventilation System Featuring:

  • Unique fiberglass Venturi is the Multifan secret to resisting traditional shrinkage and providing consistent uniformity
  • One-step installation, flush mount.
  • Aerodynamic designed. Hood protects against external wind pressure.
  • Three Year Warranty
  • All fans can operate at variable speed.
  • Most energy efficient fan available.
  • RV stabilized PVC shutters

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