Model VR2W – 69 kHz - Acoustic Monitoring Receivers



The VR2W-69 kHz is an acoustic monitoring receiver that is affordable, compact, easy to use, long-lasting and versatile. This receiver is ideal for research projects ranging from small river monitoring to freshwater lake studies to multi-researcher, multi-tracking operations in large oceanic systems. The VR2W is capable of identifying all VEMCO 69 kHz coded transmitters and provides researchers with a robust, reliable means of studying the migration and behaviour patterns of a wide variety of species as they travel across vast distances.

  • Perform passive monitoring studies on thousands of species across vast distances
  •  Ideal for use in both salt and freshwater environments (lakes, rivers and oceans)
  •  Over 25,000 VR2Ws deployed worldwide enables researchers to collaborate by sharing receiver arrays

  • Dimensions 308 mm long x 73 mm diameter
  • Weight 1190 g in air, 50 g in water
  • Power supply 1 – 3.6 V Lithium D cell battery
  • Battery life Approximately 15 months
  • Maximum depth 500 metres
  • Receive frequency 69 kHz standard
  • Storage Approximately 1.6-million detections (16 MBytes non-volatile flash memory)
  • Approximately 1-million detections (8 MBytes non-volatile flash memory)
  • Attachment Standard: cable ties
  • Firmware Field upgradable receiver firmware
  • Software VEMCO user Environment (VUE) software
  • Transmitters Logs and decodes ALL Vemco 69 kHz transmitters
  • Code maps Support for all current and planned Vemco code maps

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