- Model 300 Series - Brush Shredder


The Vrisimo 300 Series Brush Shredder is the perfect mid-range flail brush shredder for light to medium-sized projects in an orchard or vineyard application. This machine ranges in size from 43 inches to 7 feet and features an adjustable rear roller to fine tune heights and rear pickup tines for thorough brush cutting. There is also the specially configured Vrisimo Roadsider 300 Series, built to exceed the SAEJ1001 standard for the most extreme roadside conditions. Cutting capacity .5-2”  

  • Power. Severe duty design, high HP components
  • True Shaft Technology. An electronically balanced cutter drum with serviceable hubs to ensure straight shafts that run smooth for years of reliable, vibration-free operation
  • Adjustable Cutting Heights. Adjustable rear roller, pick-up tines
  • Hitches. Works with category 1 and 2 adjustable hitches
  • Durability. Internal AR liners standard. Heavy duty wheel kit optional
  • Maneuverability. Hydraulic side shift available to avoid trees and posts
  • Toughness. Bearing guards and wire deflectors (Roadsider model)
  • Safety. Exceeds CalTrans required SAE J1001 standards (Roadsider model)
  • Hydraulic Offset. 12- or 18-inch offset available

The Vrisimo 300 Series Brush Shredder comes fully equipped with high horsepower components including a 90 HP gearbox, 70 HP PTO shaft, 3- 5VX series belts and high-capacity bearings. Like all Vrisimo products, this machine is electronically balanced for smooth operation. The Vrisimo Roadsider 300 Series exceeds CalTrans SAE J1001 standards.  It is built tough with severe duty design and high HP components and bearing guards.

300 Series S-300-43

  • Cutting Width: 43'
  • Overall Width: 55'
  • Weight: 1130 lbs.
  • # of Knives: 24
  • Height Adjustment: 0-6'
  • Input PTO Speed: 540
  • PTO Rating: 70 HP
  • Gearbox Rating: 90 HP
  • HP Requirement: 40
  • Cutter Drum Speed: 2155 rpm

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