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Model VTG3056COL-1 - Video Text Generator Colour for Camera/Robot Systems


Single board colour video text overlay, maximum 30 lines each 56 characters, PS/2-keyboard interface, USB2-interface, 100 fix text lines, 10 fix text pages, bundled with free Windows sewer inspection program

Video text overlay board for camera inspection and robot systems

  • colour video text overlay of max. 30 lines with 56 characters and PS/2-keyboard interface
  • 16 colours for foreground and background, 16 levels of transparency for foreground and background, additional attributes for blinking, underlined and invers
  • character matrix 18x12 pixel
  • 2x video inputs CVBS/Y/C, 4x video outputs
  • CVBS/Y/C with internal video signal generation for operation without video input signal
  • automatic PAL/NTSC-video signal detection
  • programmable character set with language specific special characters Windows code pages 1250-1257 (Eastern Europe, Cyrillian, ANSI, Greek, Turk, Hebrew, Arabic, Baltic) others on request
  • up to 3 status lines configurable with each 3-5fields for measured values (max. 120 measured values)
  • date, time with battery powered real time clock
  • 2x 32-bitquadrature encoder inputs with programmable linear factor or characteristic for nonlinear counter
  • store and recall of 100 fix texts and 10 fix pages of text with attributes
  • USB2-PC-interface with DLL-interface for communication
  • languages available czechian, german, english, french, spanish, italian, polish, swedish, norwegian, danish, finish, others on request
  • optional video data logger receiver for TXVDL-4, 8 analogue ports 10-14bit, 18bit digital-IO-ports, 3xRS232/2xRS485-interfaces for equipment communication, control of DCR-1 digital video recorder and still picture grabber
  • onboard communication processor for inspection camera control with MCCCU-1 or communication to camera inspection or robot system to read sensor signals 
  • Windows setup program for OEM-configuration of the board features
  • bundled with PIPEX+ Windows freeware inspection program
  • measures 160 x 100 x 20 mm (w/o VG128-connector)
  • power supply 9-36V, 270mA @ 12V w/o keyboard and quadrature encoder
  • for all incremental encoders with 5-24VDC level signal output, power supply of +5VDC available on board
  • connections all over VG128-connector

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