- Spring Removal Pushrod


Remove pushrod from cage and lay it stretched out. Using a 3/32 Allen wrench, loosen the 4 set screws on back of the spring

  • Locate the open slot on the aluminum pushrod lock and loosen it by carefully turning a flathead screwdriver to release the tension. Now slide the lock down the pushrod away from the spring.
  • Using a 5/64 Allen wrench loosen the 4 setscrews on the front of the spring releasing it from the camera head.
  • Move the spring down the pushrod until removed.
  • Take the new spring and reverse the process.
  • Pull the spring up to the camera head tightly and tighten down the 4 set screws.
  • Keeping the open slot position opposite the set screws, slide the lock into the spring and tighten down the 4 setscrews.
  • Turn on the camera checking lights and video. When all are working properly, the installation is complete.

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