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Ernest Maier Inc

Wall Systems Cavity Walls


Beautiful stone panels over a concrete block backup system create a sophisticated and long-lasting exterior for important buildings.

Recommended Building Types

  • Institutional Buildings, including museums, places of worship, universities and schools; healthcare facilities; hotels, restaurants and shopping centers; sports stadiums, theatres and casinos; and high-end single family and multi-family residential
  • Buildings requiring a high fire rating
  • Noisy environments
  • Choosing the Right Masonry System for your Budget


  • Sophisticated, solid stone exterior over a structural concrete block backup system – works especially well in urban settings
  • Nearly unlimited design potential, with many different stone types, finishes, and surface textures available
  • Most types of stone have exceptional durability and are long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Concrete block backup acts as the structure, with vertical and horizontal reinforcement grouted into place
  • Continuous concrete masonry backup permits anchor attachment anywhere within the field of the wall. Stud backup systems require added structural framing, placed precisely at stone anchorage points
  • Excellent heat capacity
  • Inherently fire proof with fire ratings up to 4 hours
  • Great for noisy environments – naturally dampens sound
  • One trade erects both the structural and skin layers of the wall

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