- Model NP7a - Fixed Head Stitcher



Based on the proven and durable Newlong NP7A sewing head, the Walthambury Fixed Head Stitcher provides a high speed, cost effective solution for closing paper, plastic and net bags.

  • Mechanically operated thread cut off.
  • 10kg cotton cone holder.
  • Wide range of conveyors.

  • Precise sewing head/conveyor speed synchronization by an adjustable pulley between sewing head and motor.
  • High quality cast alloy construction for heavy duty use.
  • 370 watt motor for high speed effortless stitching.
  • Fully compatible with Morray 850 or 855 stitcher automator.
  • Integral oil lubrication system. Automatic stitch start/stop and pneumatic thread cut off ensuring economic thread usage.
  • Suitable for Kraft paper, cotton,hessian, jute, woven cloth, plastic and other bag materials.
  • Plug and socket for conveyor supply together with foot switch for conveyor / stitcher stop restart

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