- Metering Bin



Warren & Baerg Metering Bins help insure smooth operation of cubers by providing an even flow of material to the cuber. Ground material is moved into an enclosed metering bin. Leveling augers in the metering bin move the incoming material to the rear of the bin, while the floor drag chain pulls material forward to the doffers. These combined actions provide two very important features; the surge capacity needed to evenly feed the cubers and leave more room for incoming ground material; and very good blending of bales to give a uniform cube. The doffers in the metering bin evenly feed the material out to the mixer auger.

  • Level detectors
  • High surge capacity and even feed
  • Good blending yielding uniform cube

  • LENGTH: 24 - 40 feet
  • WIDTH: 6 feet standard, 8-12 feet width also available
  • HEIGHT: 9 feet
  • SURGE CAPACITY: 800 - 2640 cubic feet depending on specifications
  • FLOW RATE: 21 to 82 cubic feet / minute 5 to 20 tons / hour - at a material density of 8 pounds / cubic foot 20 to 40+ tons / hour with larger widths
  • FLOOR DRIVE: 1 hp adjustable frequency speed controller with helical-bevel gear motor
  • DOFFER DRIVE: 5 hp shaft mount helical gear motor
  • SCREW LEVELER DRIVE: 5 hp shaft mount helical gear motor
  • DRAG CHAIN: Steel pintle chain, D88K, total working strength 8,000 pounds
  • LEVEL DETECTORS: 4 matched pair ultrasonic sensors

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