Center Rock, Inc. (CRI)

- Model W50 - Water Hammers



Wassara’s drilling technology minimizes the amount of pressure applied to the rock formation. As a result, there’s virtually no chance of disturbing surrounding and adjacent structures. The groundwater table is also not impacted in any manner.


  • Safe and environmentally friendly drilling
  • Exceptional bore hole quality and accuracy
  • Cost-effective, versatile, and efficient performance

Exceptional Bore Hole Quality and Accuracy
Wassara products produce straight and accurate bore holes. How?

  • Clearance is extremely tight between the drillstring and the hole.
  • Hydrostatic pressure of the water column ensures stability.
  • The water’s low upward velocity prevents formation of cavities. That means clean and smooth holes.

Cost-Effective, Versatile, and Efficient Performance
Since Wassara products are water-powered, drilling through water-rich formations is obviously never a problem. But, actually, Wassara hammers go effortlessly through almost any material, from boulders to wood to dense clay, easily, cost-effectively, and quickly.

Wassara water hammers consume up to 80% less energy versus most air-powered drilling systems. Our tools also last far longer due to the very low upward water velocity required.

Because only pure water is used to power our hammers – and no oil is needed for lubrication – no damaging emissions are produced. No oil gets into the groundwater; no dust gets into the air, resulting in a cleaner, safer, work environment.

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