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Waste Plant


The organic part of municipal solid waste (MSW), food waste and out-of-date food are extremely effective organic matter for anaerobic digestion. These types of waste are generally processed in composting systems, where in order to obtain a closed cycle the optimal solution is creating a biogas plant. Our waste plant is an integrated solution that ensures that maximum benefit is obtained from the biomass added. The anaerobic process is carried out under thermophilic conditions (55°C) to ensure maximum hygienisation of the material and increased biogas yield.

Other types of material, such as sludge, manure and agro-industrial by-products can be added to MSW. The material resulting from the anaerobic process (digestate) is then stabilised within a bio-oxidation dynamic process: this is an innovative composting process that is characterised by its simplicity and effectiveness; it uses bio-chemical processes that significantly reduce the environmental impact of the process (especially in terms of odour emissions); the result is the production of a quality compost, which allows to class the digestate as a highly-agronomic quality fertiliser, declassifying it as waste. The waste biogas plant can only be set up if recycling is carried out.

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