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- Model WAM-100 - Waste Assay Monitor



'Waste-Scan' WAM-100 monitors are used for spectrometric characterization of radioactive waste. It can be used in nuclear power plants, waste repositories, science facilities, reprocessing plants etc. typically for LLW measurements or free release.

The 'Waste-Scan' WAM-100 are unique monitors, which are intended for quantitative and qualitative characterization of gamma emitting radionuclides in waste stored in standard 44 gallon drums. Optionally, analysis of other drums or non cylindrical objects is possible.
Typical applications are assay of low level waste to be stored in the repository or checking of waste potentially suitable for free release.

The monitor can work in two modes:

  • passive scanning – drums are scanned by the detection system;
  • active scanning – drums are exposed via the precise collimator during scanning.

Integrated sophisticated software enables the total and radionuclide specific activities evaluation and its distribution in the drum volume. In active mode it can also detect the shape and the size of contaminated items imbedded in concrete or bitumen inside the drums.
WAM-100 is designed to detect nuclides typical at nuclear power plants such as Co-60, Cs-137, Ba-133 and many others as standard. It can be optionally customized and used for other (difficult to detect) radionuclides.

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