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The primary focus of the Clean Water Act (CWA) is the protection of water resources from pollution. Pollution may be due to a point source, which can be traced to a specific facility or location, or a non-point source, which originates from multiple sources and is often originating from rainwater runoff. There are different water quality standards for each of the five general categories for bodies of water: aquatic life use, contact recreation, public water supply, fish consumption use, and general use.

Many states require permits to control wastewater discharges into the state’s surface waters. These states have established pretreatment requirements in permits for publicly owned wastewater treatment facilities and also require permits that regulate the recycling, beneficial reuse, and disposal of sludge. Several discharge types are regulated such as industry effluent, domestic wastewater from city treatment facilities, discharges from particular agricultural operations, and storm water runoff from urban areas.

Argent consultants keep abreast of current and proposed regulations and use this knowledge to develop complete and accurate permits to ensure minimal processing time. Argent’s focus is on our clients and their individual needs, with the objective of protecting the client as well as the environment.

Argent Consulting offers a number of services to assist clients in managing compliance issues under the CWA and the myriad of related state and local regulatory programs. Argent has experienced staff to assist with wastewater requirements and comprehensive permitting for wastewater discharges, including completion of Wastewater Inspections and initial, renewal, and amendment of Wastewater Permits.

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