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Wastewater Disposal Systems


In our wastewater markets, we are land application  specialists with a major emphasis on recycling wastewater through treatment and  land application through drip irrigation and solid set irrigation systems. Our expertise in irrigation, pumping, pipeline design, filtration, water treatment, and controls has been directly transferable to our wastewater markets.

We have developed our own specifications for an  on-site residential drip irrigation system that allows for proper disposal of  septic waste on shallow or tight soils where traditional septic systems can not  function. Our system treats the waste on sight to cleanliness levels that  closely model levels achieved by municipal waste treatment systems.  The  system allows homeowners and developers to utilize property that would be  unusable until a municipal sewer system was constructed to serve the area, and  typically at a lower cost than municipal sewers.  We have developed a  network of Professional Engineers, Soil Scientists, and Certified contractors  who can help homeowners and developers to design, permit, install, and operate a  Onsite Wastewater Drip Irrigation System.

We also offer land application wastewater solutions  for industrial, commercial, and municipal applications. Our engineering, design,  and specialty sub-contracting departments can assist regulators, Professional  Engineering firms, and General Contractors in conceptual analysis, design  assistance, specification assistance, material sourcing, and specialty  sub-contracting for wastewater land application projects large and small utilizing drip irrigation,  sprinklers, or center pivots. We have been instrumental suppliers and designers for large municipal, industrial, and multi-home residential wastewater drip irrigation systems in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

We have resident salesmen in North Carolina, Georgia South Carolina, and Georgia, branches in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida and serves North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida and the Southeast.

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