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Wastewater Pumps


After water has served its many uses, it needs to be cleaned, treated and returned to the environment. Wastewater can be difficult to transport and manage with large amounts of organic solids, rags and other waste matter that challenge wastewater pumping systems. This is when Xylem can help.

To transport and manage wastewater, we provide a range of pumping products to move wastewater from residential, commercial and industrial consumers throughout the wastewater collection and treatment process as well as manage storm runoff from municipal, commercial and industrial storm-water collection systems.

We provide a wide array of wastewater handling products including:

  • A wide range of submersible pumps for wastewater transportation to and through wastewater treatment plants including state-of-the-art N-pumps, non-clogging centrifugal pumps, vertical propeller pumps, horizontal ultra-low head pumps and progressive cavity pumps
  • Packaged pump stations with centrifugal non-clog pumps or grinder pumps for pressure sewage handling requirements
  • A wide range of large centrifugal, mixed-flow and propeller pumps for large waste and storm-water streams
  • Dry-installed submersible and conventional non-clog, vortex and self-cleaning centrifugal pumps
  • Hydro ejectors for creating a powerful bulk flow
  • Macerators to reduce rags and large solids into manageable sizes for pumping

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