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Wastewater Treatment Plants


For industrial water management, Quins s.r.o. designs complete environmentally and economically friendly systems that are in conformity with the state of the art and meet all the legislation requirements. Working with Quins s.r.o., the customer will acquire:

  • Preparation of a technological project and discussing it with the authorities if required
  • Complete delivery and installation of the technology and an individualized control system
  • Control of trial operation and personnel training
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

Applied technologies:
When designing waste water treatment plants and neutralization stations, Quins s.r.o. makes use of:

  • Sorption-demulsifying units
  • Units for membrane separation such as micro-filtration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis
  • Evaporators
  • Ion exchangers

New services:

  • Possibility to hire a technology or to acquire it on a hire-purchase basis
  • Outsourcing services associated with water management in industry

Quins systems are suitable especially for the treatment of small and medium quantities of waste water contaminated by emulsified and not emulsified petroleum substances, tensides, phosphates, cyanides, complex-forming substances, ammonia, unsolved substances, colloids and metals such as zinc, aluminium, lead, chromium, copper, etc.

Therefore, they are applied in recirculation and treatment of:

  • Used degreasing baths and rinsing water from paint and plating shops
  • Cooling and cutting emulsions in mechanical engineering
  • Water from glass production and cutting
  • Water from carwashes and car service stations
  • Water from the production of building materials
  • Water containing pigments from the production of paints and polygraphic industry

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