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Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants


Over the many years of collaboration between BJIS and P2W the design of water and wastewater treatment plants has been a special field of expertise for both parties, as seen in some of the companies’ most challenging projects and over the years, dozens of treatment plants were designed by BJIS and P2W in Israel and around the world.

P2W’s and BJIS’s treatment projects’ design cover a wide spectrum including simple earth lagoons, sophisticated earth lagoons, mechanical treatment of water and wastewater, biological treatment plants, nutrient removal plants, filtration, tertiary treatment of effluent, fixed-bed  technology, combined suspended and fixed-bed technology, MBR, chemical treatment of water and wastewater, sludge treatment technologies and more.

BJIS and P2W’s experts use sophisticated design tools and continuously participate in meetings, courses and conferences in Israel and around the world.

BJIS, as well as P2W as it’s Sister Company, have earned a local and world-wide recognition as a leading design firm for water and wastewater plants.

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