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Water Butt Drip System for 10 Plants



The Water Butt Drip Watering system (gravity system) contains:- 10 x Professional Adjustable Drippers, 10 x Support Stakes, 1 x Threaded Water Butt Tap, 1 x Manifold 4mm, 9 x 4mm tees, 1 x 10m x 4mm Hose. Water the plants on your allotment from your water butt using gravity. The professional adjustable drippers allow you to set a very slow drip enabling continuous watering for several days at a time. This easy to install watering system will maintain a good level of moisture for your plants either in the ground or in containers.

  • Waters 10 plants from your water butt
  • No timer required
  • Suitable for growbags, pots and containers or in the ground
  • Professional adjustable drippers for complete control
  • Can be expanded to over 20 plants
  • Gravity system - plants must be below butt tap
  • Waters the plants when you are not around
  • Feed your plants by diluting liquid feed into your water butt

The system is supplied with a threaded water butt tap and a five outlet 4mm manifold, simply attach the microbore hose to the manifold and take it to your plants. Small 4mm tees allows you too water more than one plant on each run, the support stakes ensures the drippers are held above the soil level.

The system can be expanded to water more plants, to see our add on pack

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