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Part of the WL-Series, the Water‑Gate flood dam is specifically designed to provide full protection against flooding issues faced by cities and municipalities across the world. This unique and innovative flood response equipment combines simplicity, robustness, and effectiveness.

Say goodbye to sandbags!

The Water-Gate water dams are considered by many to be the perfect alternative to sandbags – as a single dam enables to replace thousands of sandbags. In addition, the Water‑Gate flood dam adapts to every situation and remains stable regardless of its extended length, direction of water flow, or slope of the ground. Water‑Gate flood dams are built to the highest quality and may even be installed while the flood is already in progress.

How it works:

The Water‑Gate flood dam comes as a PVC roll. The design uses the weight of the incoming floodwater to deploy and stabilize itself. Water enters and accumulates at the bottom of the barrier as the water level rises, causing the barrier to unfold and swell. The lightweight design allows for timely intervention in remote or hard‑to‑access environments.

WL-Series models have retention heights ranging from 6″ to 60″ (15 cm to 152 cm).

Flood control is now faster and easier than ever!

Deploys in three easy steps
When a flash flood occurs, response time is critical. The Water‑Gate™ flood dam can be quickly and easily deployed in three easy steps. Step 1: Unroll the barrier. Step 2: Unfold the first fold. Step 3: Allow the water to accumulate inside. The water pressure will open the dam and keep it in place, regardless of the nature of the terrain beneath the dam.

Integrated ballast
The WL barrier has a weighted ballast bag that is sewn directly onto the front bib. This ballast bag creates a uniform weight across the length of the dam and molds to the shape of the terrain to limit seepage. It also helps prevent wind squalls from moving the barrier. Simply unroll the Water‑Gate™ flood dam and let it do the work.

Performance and certification
Water‑Gate flood dams provide retention up to 60″ (1.5 m) in height. Multiple barriers may be joined together in order to expand the area of flood control. Additionally, all models with a height exceeding 39″ (1 m) are FM approved. This certification was obtained after extensive quality and resistance tests performed in partnership with FM Approvals, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM).

Main features of the WL‑Series

A. Ultra‑strong PVC‑coated polyester fabric resists abrasion for installation on any surface.

B. Stretched partitions for better adhesion to smooth surfaces.

C. Polypropylene handles to help raise the extremities of the barrier in special situations.

D. Small, galvanized steel plates in a polyester net sewn directly onto the Water‑Gate flood dam for ballast weight.

E. Heavy‑duty polypropylene handles for easy handling.

Water holding back water

The Water‑Gate flood dam has four times more ground surface than the water being retained, thus four times more vertical thrust (across the ground) than the horizontal thrust for proper adhesion. For the water to hold back the water on most surfaces such as asphalt or grass, a 2½‑to‑1 ratio is usually sufficient for safe installation. The Water‑Gate flood dam’s 4‑to‑1 ratio is therefore much safer and the risk of slippage is unlikely. The wider the barrier, the lower the risk of slippage. The Water‑Gate flood dam is 33% safer than required.

Mobile and self-deployable water dam

  1. Water infiltrates and collects inside the barrier.
  2. The water pressure helps the barrier unfold completely.
  3. The integrated floater allows the top part of the dam to float and absorb the motion of incoming waves.
  4. The accumulated water pressure stabilizes the barrier and keeps it in place regardless of the terrain beneath.

No need to pump water inside.

Barriers with a height of 39” (1 m) or more received the FM Approved certification from FM approval

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