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Water Group

- Model 185 Series - Water Filters



Problem water is no problem with our full line of WaterGroup 185 Water Filters. Eliminate iron, sediment, bad tastes, stains and odors, as well as, color caused by organics. The high-efficiency control valve monitors water usage and flushes the system automatically, readying it for operation again.

  • Taste & Odor Filters (ACF): Chlorine and organic matter can make your water smell and taste terrible. The WaterGroup 185 Taste & Odor filter uses high-quality granular activated carbon to absorb the problem-causing substances.
  • Chloramine Removal Filters (CLAF): Chloramines are now commonly used to disinfect municipal water supplies causing taste & odor problems. To remove chloramines a special catalytically enhanced carbon is required.
  • Multi Media Filters (MM): Cloudy water means you likely have suspended silt: or sediment. Restore your water to crystal clear as the WaterGroup 185 Multi-Media filter traps particulate matter as small as 2microns.
  • Nexsand Turbidity Filters (Ultra MF): Remove suspended solids, Ferric Hydroxide (Red Water Iron) or Sediment from your well or water system down to 5 Microns. Nexsand has proven extremely effective and will double the service flow of Multi Media or Sand Filters.
  • Neutralizing Filters (NNF): The WaterGroup 185 Neutralizing filters raise the pH of acidic water to neutralize corrosiveness protecting fixtures, pipes and appliances.
  • Iron & Sulfur Filters (ISF): Water comes in contact with manganese greensand causing oxidization into solids which can be trapped in the filter bed

  • Exclusive NSF Certified control valve with reliable electronic sensors, adjustable cycle time and proven piston, seal & spacer design
  • NSF Certified fibreglass pressure tank
  • Tank jackets reduce condensation.
  • User-friendly backlit LCD display
  • Simple set up and programming with no confusing codes or symbols to remember
  • Automatic Vacation Mode prevents media cementing
  • “No Touch” LCD information display rotates key info like last regeneration date, current flow rate & peak flow rate
  • Unique, compact one piece bypass with integrated turbine meter
  • Time saving quick connect fittings on bypass, drain & brine line. Even the power cord has quick connects
  • Drain line o-ring. No need for Teflon
  • Audible Cycle Advance Alarm
  • 48 hour self charging battery back-up
  • Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, and Meter with Day Over ride
  • Includes hose clamp and 10’ of drain tubing

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