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Water Monitoring Mobile Laboratories Range



Water and environmental surveys frequently require the analysis to be carried out in remote areas. The use of a well-equipped mobile laboratory is often the ideal solution. More and more they are becoming widely used, especially in developing countries, where accurate results are required quickly, usually in areas where no fixed laboratory facilities exist.

Trace2o offers a range of bespoke mobile laboratory solutions for all applications, to suit all budgets. From a small station wagon to provide cover in inclement weather, to a semi-permanent trailer laboratory complete with living quarters, Trace2o has the expertise to design, spec and build the ideal mobile laboratory for you.

These labs can be supplied with instrumentation inside tailored to numerous applications such as: – Water & Environmental Monitoring – Materials Testing – Scene of Crime (SOCO) / Forensics – Health clinics.

Vehicle laboratories are ideal where extreme mobility and manoeuvrability are required; they allow a rapid response to monitoring requirements and results can be obtained whilst on site. Designed for all-terrain applications, our range of popular 4×4 chassis can be adapted to suit your requirements. From double cabs, to extended wheel bases, to auto-levelling jacks, all popular modifications can be implemented. A wide range of vehicle options are available, dependent on destination country, laboratory size requirements and applicable technical specifications.

Trailer laboratories are mounted on close coupled twin axle chassis for towing by a suitable vehicle. Designed to be suitable for a wide range of applications and environments, the trailer laboratory is a flexible, secure and robust testing option.

All of our laboratories can be modified to comply with local roadworthiness regulations, as well as including features to suit the environmental conditions and terrain.

The interiors of these mobile laboratories can be skilfully modified to the customers’ exact requirements with features such as laminated work tops, cupboards, sink units, laboratory furniture, and waste disposal. Our design engineers can produce a custom laboratory specification tailored to your needs, inclusive of plumbing, electrical installations, fume extraction, HVAC and storage. Generators, refrigeration, ovens, can all be incorporated. We can offer a comprehensive laboratory equipment service to complete the package.

Our engineers can recommend suitable internal layouts, as well as advising on suitable instruments and equipment, ensuring that the end-user gets the laboratory they really want and is relevant to their application.

Contact Trace2o for more information. Pricing is dependent on laboratory specification, layout design, equipment specification, delivery, training and installation.


  • Bespoke design, tailored around user’s exact requirements
  • Full range of laboratory equipment can be incorporated into our range of mobile laboratories
  • Comprehensive selection of laboratory infrastructure solutions – power, lighting, water, waste disposal, HVAC.


  • The user receives a thoughtfully-designed mobile laboratory that suits their application perfectly, ensuring maximum usability for cost-effective laboratory purchasing
  • A mobile laboratory can now be a genuine field-based alternative to a fixed construction, allowing deployment for short-term monitoring applications or multiple site analysis
  • Laboratory-quality results can now be guaranteed with a mobile laboratory including all of the essential services you expect from a fixed site installation

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