- Prevent and Repair Sewer Backups



The Water-Plug is designed to prevent and repair sewer backups. Simple and easy to set up, the water barrier helps rapidly secure the premises, limit the damage, and therefore reduce the financial and environmental impacts of sewer backups. Sewer backups usually happen after heavy and prolonged rainfall but can also be caused by plumbing problems such as construction mishaps, broken water mains, or poorly installed valves. Regardless of the cause, sewer backups result in extensive property damage that affects cities, municipalities, and sometimes even homeowners. The Water-Plug by MegaSecur is made of heavy-duty vinyl‑coated polyester with a galvanized steel chain sewn onto the base.

Rapid response
The Water-Plug barrier is a quick fix for sewer backups without disrupting traffic, making it ideal for emergency response in urban areas.

There’s no limit to how often you can use the Water‑Plug. Made with heavy‑duty vinyl-coated polyester, the Water-Plug is designed to withstand high water pressure.

Ease of use
The Water-Plug is conical so that it deploys automatically, even if the sewer backup has already started. Simply place it over the sewer cover and watch it expand as it fills with water.

Sewer backups (flooding)

  • The Water-Plug prevents sewer backups. Compact and lightweight, it comes complete in its own carrying case, ready for use.

The Water-Plug dam is made with heavy-duty vinyl-coated polyester. A galvanized steel chain is incorporated into the base to reduce seepage and increase stability.

The Water-Plug can be used with the Water-Gate WL Series to prevent flooding, secure the surroundings, and have complete control over any situation.

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