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Water Pumping Windmills


Iron Man windmill pumps provide new capability and opportunities for filling lakes and ponds, providing irrigation and draining flooded lands - using only Iron Man wind powered pumping technology and the free power of the wind.

  • Continuous innovation and improvement
  • Large systems with wind wheel diameters up to 12m - 40ft
  • Lowest price of any real windmill on the market
  • Widest variety of pumps available - up to 2.0m (80in) piston diameter
  • Tower pads with anchor bolts - strong, fast and easy installation
  • Pump up to 500 tons (m) per hour with short pumping elevation
  • Wind pumps day and night - anytime there is a little wind
  • Pump from deep wells - lift water more than 1500ft (450m)
  • Multi-bladed design works in the lightest winds
  • 1/3 the cost of solar and wind electric systems
  • Long working life - 50 years or more with simple maintenance
  • Automatic lubrication floods internal parts with oil
  • Automatic regulation - survives storms that wreck buildings
  • Hot dip galvanized - complete protection from rust
  • Simple maintenance - change oil once a year

Iron Man Windmill Pumps: Iron Man Windmill pumps are completely modem and use the most appropriate modem materials and design practice. Our well pumps are entirely made from quality 304 Stainless Steel and proprietary compounds of Polyurethane and Polyethylene seals. Along with modem material usage and design comes the benefits of better sealing, greatly reduced internal friction, vatves that seal faster and more completely, longer working life, pump more water and cost less. The Iron Man Windmill Pump is the best pump ever used on a water pumping windmill. This Is not sales hype. It's a fact.
Iron Man Agricultural Pumps: In 2004, we began development and testing of a new class of pump for use with the multi-bladed water pumping windmill. These large pumps work with relatively short lifts, where it is necessary to lift large amounts of water an elevation of less than 50 ft. The diameters of these pumps are large - up to 48 in. in diameter. These pumps are cost effective, dependable solution for draining flooded lands, tile lines and any application needing to raise large amounts of water short elevations.
Simplified Tower Assembly: All Iron Man Windmill towers have their part numbers stamped In such a way that just by looking at the part number, you can ten where and which way the part goes! This really helps to eliminate confusion and make assembly a snap - especially for someone setting up their first tower. Yes, every tower still comes with our detailed instructions and drawings.
Sturdy Galvanized Steel Platforms: After two years of field testing, I am happy to inform you that all Iron Man Windmills are now being shipped with our extra strong galvanized steel platform with a diamond plate anti-slip surface - the strongest, safest and best looking platform to be found on a windmill anywhere. Our platforms are octagonal in shape, making them easy to access and are supported by a rigidly bolted angle steel frame that has a raised angle lip that goes completely around the platform. This lip makes rt easy and safe to climb up on the platform and makes il a lot harder to knock parts and tools off of, making it safer for people on the ground too! Our larger windmills have an opening in the platform making access simple and safe. Warning -use an Iron Man Platform once and you will never want to work on any other windmill tower again.
Tower Pads: Tower installation has never been easier! Iron Man Windmil Co. has developed a tower mounting pad that eliminates the traditional anchor legs, simplifying tower and windmill installation when setting up a windmill and tower using a crane. The anchors are large 'fl' bolts that rigidly anchor the tower to the earth, have large nuts both below and above the tower pads to hold them rigidly in place. Picking up a tower with a crane and setting it on the 'fl' bolts is faster, better and reduces costs. Safe and simple, they allow the installer to level the tower manually, so you can set your pump rod precisely in the center of your well! This is a real time saver and problem solver and It makes a cleaner, more professional installation.
Forged Heavy Wall Alloy Steel Pipe Mast: This critical part supports the entire windmill on the top of the tower. While other windmill manufacturers use common water pipe with welded parts to cut costs, we make the extra effort to die forge our pipe masts, producing a superior method of supporting the entire windmill. Iron Man Pipe Masts contain more, high grade alloy steel, are made with superior metallurgy and possesses Increased strength and working life.
All Steel Pump Rod and Pump Rod Swivel: High performance wind powered Agricultural Pumps require the use of an all steel pump rod. The use of the old fashioned pump rod swivel as was used in the days of wooden pump rod are no longer , satisfactory, as are the old fashioned swinging pump rod guides. Lightweight hot galvanized steel tubing is now used with a special Iron Pump Rod Swivel that contains a sealed grease cavity to provide long term lubrication to the swivel bearing. When pump rod guides are needed, a set of Iron Rollers with Babbitt bearings that are mounted in the center of the tower provide perfect alignment.
We look forward to putting the power of the wind to work for you with the most advanced, cost effective wind powered pumping system available.

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