Water Purification Plants



Water purification plants, SALHER brand, for underground, above-ground and sea water, to meet the sanitary requirements for human consumption in small populations, industries and emergency situations. The water purification capacity in enough to daily supply drinking water to a population comprised between 100 and 5.000 people.

Manufacturing system:

  • The filtration process can change depending on the origin of water. The water purification plant is composed of:
  1. Pumping system.
  2. Previous chlorination.
  3. Softeners
  4. Bisulfite dosage.
  5. Anti-fouling.
  6. Ultra-filtration.
  7. Reverse osmosis...etc.
  • Completely automatic in all operations and cleaning performance.

Compact treatment plants:

The installation of the water purification plant offers many advantages:

  1. Minimum construction works.
  2. Fast delivery.
  3. Fast commissioning ('plug & play').
  4. Easy to transport and handle.
  5. Modulation capacity.
  6. Specific design according to customers' needs.


  1. Ultra-filtration drinking water, disinfected, without flavour and odourless.
  2. Compact and robust modules, easy to install and transport.
  3. It can be installed in shipping containers.
  4. Low energy consumption.
  5. Automatic programmable system with GSM connection.
  6. Specialized technical service.

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