Water Quality Monitor (WQM)



The Water Quality Monitor (WQM) is designed to deliver core biogeochemical water quality parameters in coastal ecosystems from a single integrated package.

Ideally suited for unattended monitoring the WQM and WQM X employ active flow control, passive flow prevention, light-blocking, active biocide injection and passive inhibitors to effectively and safely combat internal and external fouling. With fouling minimized, the superior inherent stability of the WQM/WQM X sensors translate directly to superior long-term data quality.

The cost of monitoring is tied to the instrument life cycle and real value is ultimately provided through quality data, day after day, month after month, year after year. The WQM/WQM X provides quality data while dramatically reducing the need for field and factory service.



Range: 0-9 S/m
Accuracy: 0.003 mS/cm
Resolution: 0.00005 S/m


Range: 0-100 or -200 m
Accuracy : 0.1% Full Scale
Resolution: 0.002% Full Scale


Chlorophyll : EX/EM 470/695 nm
Accuracyd: 0.2% FS µg/I
Range: 0 - 50 µg/I
CDOM : EX/EM 370/460 nm
Sensitivity: 0.09 ppb
Range: 0 - 500 ppb


Connector: MCBH-6-MP, MCBH-4-FS
Output: RS-232
Input: 9-16 VDC
Sample rate: 1 Hz
Current draw :
<100 mA Sampling
350 mA Peak
< 50 µA Sleep


Rangea : -5-35 deg C
Accuracyb: 0.002 deg C
Resolution: 0.001 deg C


Range: 120% of saturation (200% upon request)
Accuracy: 2% of saturation
Resolution: 0.035% of saturation (0.003 ml/l at 0 C, 35 PSU)


Range: 0-25 NTU
Accuracy: 0.1% FS NTU
0.04% FS NTU
Wavelength: 700 nm


Depth: 200 m
Pressure housing: Acetal copolymer, ABS, PVC, titanium, copper
Dimensions: 65.4 cm long x 18.5 cm max OD
Weight in air: 5.4 kg
Weight in water: 1.8 kg

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