Water Tank Truck and Trailer


Custom-made: Tank Body. For the transport of potable water (Stainless Steel). Volume: approx. 22.000 ltr. incl. expansion. High Quality Product. Made In Germany.

Tank bodies can be built up to:
  • 22.000 ltr. on 3-axles truck chassis
  • 30.000 ltr. on 4-axles truck chassis
  • 60.000 ltr. executed as tank trailer

The 'Special Low-Torsion body mounting system' for tank bodies is recommendable due to their strongness, torsion-resistant design, in particular for 'Off-Road' operation under rough cross-country conditions.

The elastic connection between the truck chassis and the sub-frame provides a torsion-absorbing function.

This arrangement absorbs any stresses passing from chassis to tank.

The sub-frame is mounted to the truck frame in a way to ensure equal load distribution.

Substructure etc. hot-dip galvanized (additionally painted on customers request)

Otherwise mounted according to truck supplier’s 'Assembling Instruction'.

Tank support

The tank itself is supported in tank saddles which are bolted on the reinforced longitudinal frame members with heavy duty rubber mountings in front.


  • Tank shape: Elliptical 22 000 ltr incl. expansion
  • Tank compartments: One (1)

Manufactured of high-grade stainless steel 1.4301, electrically welded throughout with accurately finished welding seams. Thickness not less than 5 mm for the shell and 4 mm for heads. Dished bulkheads on both sides and appropriate number of splash walls.
Level indicator for measure the water level at the rear end of the tank.
Option: Steel tanks with and without coating epoxy inner lining are available.

Pump made of stainless steel

One (1) self-sucking pump installed at the vehicle's chassis, hydraulically driven by PTO of truck engine.
PTO can be operated pneumatically from the drivers cabin. The suction pipe is equipped with a suction filter. Suction and delivery connections are provided with hose coupling and cab.
Impeller, housing and shaft made of stainless steel

Operation of spray-bar and pump via operation panel inside cabin
Oil-cooler mounted with electric fan
Pump capacity: approx. 800 ltr. / min at 3 bar

Spray bar at the rear end

Rear mounted spray bar with two (2) special fan-nozzles (frog-type) pressure working, electro-pneumatically. Operation out of driver’s cab.
Adjustable spraying width with pump from approx. 10 to 12 mtr.
Spraying nozzle can be turned around by 360°
Capacity: approx. 400 ltr. / min each (adjustable)

Custom-made Water Tank Truck for drinking water transportation. Capacity: 22.000 ltr. The elliptical water tank superstructure is made of high-grade stainless steel 1.4301 . One compartment with an appropriate number of splash walls inside the tank. Please ask us for options such as fire fighting water cannon, installed on top of the tank superstuctue etc.

Designed to transport anything from heating oil to water, RAC-Germany tank superstructures are engineered to maximize daily handling, safety and comfort as well as durability and maintainability.

Entire water tank is welded inside and out. The elastic connection between the truck chassis and the sub-frame provides a torsion-absorbing function it avoids that any stresses passes from truck chassis to the tank superstructure. Equal load distribution to the truck main frame is provided by our special sub-frame mounting system.

The substructure is usually hot-dip galvanized and it can be additionally painted on customers request.
Two hose tubes, one on each side of the tank are fitted with two water hoses NW 80 with STORZ B coupling. The hose length is approx. as long as tank body.

Rear side of the water tank superstructure with hinged access ladder to the top of the tank with manhole and ventilation valve. Safe access and handling with open mesh walkway. Collapsible handrail made of aluminum, operated manually, fixed as safety barrier according to German UVV regulation along the dome-pan.

Basic equipment and installations for each tank-compartment: Dome cover NW 500 and ventilation valve NW 80
Discharge by gravity or centrifugal pump. At the lowest point of the tank discharge pipe DN 80 leads to the right hand side of the vehicle, ending with shut-off valve with STORZ B coupling and dust cap.

Street Flusher, Rear Sprayer, Front and Side Sprayer, Cab Control Console, Monitor on top, 1 ½” Hose Reel, Hoses and Spray Nozzles, High Pressure

Water Systems for cleaning jobs, High Pressure Jetting and Flushing Systems, Working Lights, Rotating Beacons, Water tank made of Stainless Steel or Interior Epoxy Coating.

Self-priming Centrifugal Pump for potable water operation made completely of stainless steel (Impeller, housing and shaft) or with stainless steel shaft and impeller (on customers request). The centrifugal water pump is installed at the truck chassis and hydraulically driven by PTO of truck engine. Suction pipe is equipped with water filter. All suction and delivery connections are provided with hose coupling (TW, CAMLOCK, GUILLEMIN or PERROT) and protection cab.

Operation of spray-bar, hydraulic pump, water pump, PTO by control console inside drivers cabin.
Water pump capacity: approx. 800 ltr. per minute at 3 bar pressure.

Rear mounted Sprayer with two adjustable Fan-Nozzles. Pressure working, electro-pneumatically. Operation on control console out of drivers cab.

Adjustable spraying width from approx. 10 m. to 12 m. The spraying nozzles can be turned around by 360° and side spraying is possible. Spraying capacity: approx. 400 ltr. per minute / each nozzle.

Water tank truck for the transportation of industrial water, customized manufactured in Germany. The two spraying nozzles of the shown rear spray bar are adjustable in relation to width, angle and spraying capacity.

Water tank truck with rear sprayer system in operation. You can notice how the two adjustable spray valves are producing an extremely fine water mist which is ideal for dust suppression. Comfortable operation of the spray bar out of driver’s cab with control console. All control switches are labeled.

Water tank truck. Made in Germany in the center of Europe. Rear spray-bar with special (frog type) spraying nozzles. They can be turned around by 360°. The adjustable water capacity goes up to 400 ltr. per min. / each.
Alternatively can RAC-Germany water tanker be equipped with front or side sprayer. A special feature is the 'high pressure road cleaning nozzle system', which is shown in the YouTube video here below.

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