Water Treatement



Injecting Sodium hypochlorite and Calcium hypochlorite for disinfection. Injection of sulfuric acid and sodium silicate. Pumping of alum or sodium aluminate as a coagulant aid. Pumping Slurries for filtration. Silica-sol for coagulation of high organic waters. Injection of phosphate for red water control. Lime slurries in softening and pH control. Pumping potassium permanganate for manganese and iron removal. Injection of polymers for primary coagulation. Metering activated carbon slurries for taste and odor control. Bromine for disinfection. Sulfuric acid injection to prevent delignification of cooling tower lumber. Ammonium sulphate or aqua ammonia in production of chloramines. Copper sulfate for algae control in cooling tower. Fluorine compounds for dental cavity control.

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