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Waterjet Cut Machine


The device works by some technical means, which with a small power-driven, general 6-12KW, through a small aperture 0.1-0.3 gem generate high pressure extrusion nozzle, 1: 3 with a small aperture sand tube, directly in the high-pressure after the high-pressure water pump set produced a larger capacity pressure vessel and add the abrasive in this container, and then through the high-pressure line and then transported to the discharge nozzle jewel, portable water jet cutting machine is the use of cold cutting methods such environmentally friendly, can be quickly transferred to work under a variety of environments, suitable for indoor and outdoor cutting, has an important role in waste explosives and dangerous goods handling areas. But for cutting explosive and other dangerous goods, the traditional water cutting machines and portable water jet cutting machine both can do the job.

The overall size and weight are far less than the traditional water cutting machine, thus saving footprint, the product also has a cutting safety, lightweight and portable, etc., significantly improve is mobile while traditional waterjet cut machine stationary ,and also high-pressure pump constituting part of the apparatus confidential than traditional machine is much simpler. Relative equipment failure rates and maintenance costs would be much lower.

The device is mainly used in earthquake rescue, fire help, police EOD, tanks and other related liquidity strong mining industry, for cutting dangerous goods, removal, maintenance and other areas, and also can be applied to each coal mine forms of demolition work, as well as some non-flare cutting industry.

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